Training / Grooming

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Paws ‘N’ Play is proud to host group dog training classes by OutHounds Adventure and Training Academy. Their mission is to promote the physical and mental wellness of both dogs and their people. Adventuring out in the world with your dog requires both manners and obedience skills; let them help you get started with your dog’s training today!

Their trainers bring the latest, cutting-edge advances in animal learning theory to your dog training class. They also employ instruction that is fun and easy for your entire family to apply with your own dog. OutHounds trainers are certified and have over a decade of experience bettering the lives of people and their dogs.

Their classes focus on teaching you how to develop real-life skills for whether you’re at home or out in the world with your canine companion. OutHounds Adventure and Training Academy has dog training classes for basic obedience and socialization, recall, leash walking, and much more! Classes vary from four to six weeks in length and many are open enrollment – allowing you to get started at any time and cycle through all of the lessons in any order!

Please visit their website for class descriptions, prices, and registration. Contact them with questions using the form on their website, they would be happy to hear from you!


Paws ‘N’ Play offers professional grooming to all daycare and boarding dogs by appointment only. For more information on this service, please inquire with the caretaker when picking up your dog from daycare.

About Sarah

Paws ‘N’ Play is proud to have lead groomer Sarah Mello on their team. She comes to Paws ‘N’ Play with over ten years of dog grooming experience. She attended Bristol County Agricultural High School where she took up small animal science and learned her first skills of dog grooming. By her sophomore year, she was working as a dog groomer in Westport. This is where she learned the art of dog grooming and perfected most of her skills.

Grooming Services / Pricing

**All grooming packages come standard with a bath, nails, ears, a full brush out and trimmed feet (if necessary). Also all grooming prices are determined by the behavior of the individual animal.

Type of Dog Price
Short haired 0-39 lbs (example-corgi’s) $25-$35
Short haired 40+ lbs (example-Labs) $35-$45
Golden with no haircut $45-$50
Golden with teddy bear $55-$75
Small dog haircut up to 25 lbs (example-yorkie, maltese) $45-$55
Medium dog haircut 26-50 lbs (example-springer) $50-$65
Large dog haircut 50+ lbs (example-doodles) $60-80
$10 for easy
$15 for hard
Add $5 for grinding
$5 total

*de-shedding treatment for an additional $15


All staff are trained in Knowing Dogs 101 and are working towards being trained in Knowing Dogs 201.
All staff are trained in Pet CPR / First Aid through Pet Tech with an expiration date of 4/2021.