We understand that boarding your pet can cause anxiety for both the pet owner as well as the pet. We are a smaller facility with 21 boarding rooms. Unlike a traditional kennel, your dog will be able to enjoy daytime playtime with friends and a lot of personal attention during their stay. Since not all boarding dogs enjoy large group play as in a daycare setting, there is a separate fenced in play area that they can play in if they do better in a smaller dog environment. If they are better off playing alone and require only one on one attention, we can take them to the play yard individually for some fetch or one on one time.

Here at Paws ‘N’ Play, both owners and caretakers live on the property and promise to treat your dog(s) as if they were their own.

Due to the rise of operating costs, we will be changing our boarding rates

effective January 1, 2024


We appreciate your business!

Thank You!

We ask that you comply with the following

Drop OFF / Pick Up: Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00PM, Saturday and Sunday drop off and pick-ups are by appointment only.

DEPOSITS: We do not require deposits at this time, but this may be subject to change at any time.

RESERVATIONS: It is required that reservations be made prior to dropping your dog off. Cancellations with less than a 24 hour notice will be charged the full boarding rate previously discussed.

COLLARS: All dogs must wear a quick-release collar with a name tag. If you do not have one, a collar will be provided upon arrival.

AGE: All dogs must be 16 weeks of age or older

SEX: All dogs must be in good health and owners must certify that their dogs have not been ill with any communicable illnesses within the last 30 days. If a dog has had a communicable illness within the last 30 days, a veterinarian’s certification of health must be provided upon admittance or re-admittance. All dogs must be free from any condition that could potentially jeopardize other guests. A negative result on a recent fecal test is required.

HEALTH: All dogs must be spayed or neutered over 6 months (or to first heat) in order to attend daycare or play with other boarding dogs. We will not take dogs that are in heat at the time of boarding. Sometimes un-neutered males and un-spayed females get playtime with other dogs – this all depends on the un-altered dogs’ behavior.

BEHAVIOR: All dogs must be non-aggressive towards other dogs and staff. Safety and good health are our main concerns. Private training is available to help with aggression if needed (please ask).

APPLICATION: All dogs must have a complete, up to date application on file at all times. All vaccines must be up to date and on file as well – Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella (Canine Cough) and a Negative Fecal for worms and Giardia.

What to bring for your dog’s stay

Bed, blankets (if they don’t chew them), food, treats, bowls, toys – basically anything that will remind your dog of home.


“Lora and Steve took wonderful care of our Great Dane, Edy, while we were on vacation for a week. This was a last minute situation and they were very accommodating. Lora and Steve cared for Edy as if she were their own dog and catered to her every need. We would recommend them to anyone and would not hesitate to use them again.”

Paul and Michele Tsaliagos

New Bedford, MA

I want to express my gratitude for the kind and professional manner in which took care of Brandy this past weekend. Due to the nature of my work, Brandy has been boarded in numerous facilities. While I always ensure that she is in top notch “resorts”, I must say that you exceeded every expectation that I had. Let’s face it, pets are members of our families. The numerous pictures you sent of her in obedience training and socializing with other dogs not only put me at ease but also brought a smile to face, knowing that she was having so much fun! I look forward to utilizing your services in the future and will certainly recommend you to anyone with boarding needs!

Captain Robert Levangie

South Yarmouth, MA

I am writing this letter to recommend Lora and Steve in regards to their ability to care for animals. Lora and Steve were often responsible for my dog, Hailey, who is a German Sheppard – pit-bull mix. Many times when I was required to travel for work Lora and Steve would take Hailey to their house for the night and watch her until I returned. There were often other times that I was stuck working late far away from home and Lora and Steve would go to my house throughout the day to take Hailey for a walk and feed her. Hailey was always well taken care of when she was in the hands of Lora and Steve. She received plenty of exercise and love, and from them. I trusted Lora and Steve to care for the most important individual in my life and new she was always well taken care of and loved while she was with them.

Lora and Steve are also friends of mine, times while I was home and caring for Hailey myself, Lora and Steve would come over for social visits. I could tell that Hailey loved them because she was always excited to see them when they came over. Lora and Steve also brought their own dog, Chaos over during these visits and the two dogs would have play time together. This play time was supervised by us and Lora and Steve always made sure the two dogs played well together. I trust Lora and Steve will give the same love and care that they gave to Hailey, to any dogs that they are responsible for in the future.”

Leann Fisher

"To Whom It May Concern: